4 healthy meals delivered fresh and ready to heat or freeze. This Veganuary Special will get you eating some delicious, plant based goodness!
Sticky Eggplant Curry: Chinese curry of roasted sweet eggplant and carrots , served with fried buckwheat and topped with pickled ginger & spring onion. 
Polish “Chicken” Soup: A clear savoury broth of carrots, kale , THIS isn’t Chicken pieces , vermicelli rice noodles , greens and LOVE. 
Spicy Spanish Stew : Rose Harissa tomatoes, oyster mushrooms, potatoes and roasted red pepper and “chorizo” with buckwheat and baby spinach. 
Greek Meatballs in tomato sauce : 
Deliciously rich & herby tomato stew packed with veggies &  juicy “meat” balls. Topped with feta cream and red onion. Served 2 Parathas for dipping!

Meal bundle for 1