Outdoor Seating


Do you own a restaurant or cafe and wish to develop or improve your vegan offering? Are you planning to open a food business and would like some advice or assistance?

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and I have extensive knowledge and experience in all things service oriented within the industry. I believe that it is all about people.

Who you hire and how you train them will make or break your business. Setting the foundation with true costings in place and the right price point will make sure you are making a profit from the get go. 

I have opened several food businesses, been the general manager of top restaurants and I have also been everything from pot wash, waitress, chef, cocktail bartender, barista etc.


Not only can I assist you with setting the right foundations and hiring the right people, I can train all staff members from management to service so that there is a cohesive team that represents your brand.

I can also offer you an exciting vegan menu that is in line with your brand to ensure that you stand out as a leader in your current landscape.


Innovative Vegan Menu and recipe development:

Market analysis, full costings, upscale recipes, secure supply chain, kitchen staff training

Staff Hiring and training:

Coaching owners, management training, service staff, kitchen staff etc.

Staff retention schemes and team building:

Balanced rota systems, staff incentives

and investment strategies.